POAP Dispenser
Install this NFC POAP Dispenser near your chosen landmark to start dispensing your POAPs!
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Back in stock May 2024
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DNA424 Micro-chip
Our cutting-edge NFC chips, certified by POAP and supplied by Uniqly Inc., incorporate state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit technology. This advanced system ensures that the NFCs' POAP URLs cannot be duplicated or shared, guaranteeing maximum security and authenticity.
Unique Construct
We've crafted the ultimate NFC chip, seamlessly compatible with a variety of surfaces. Featuring a robust 3M adhesive backing, it ensures steadfast attachment, with the option to augment adhesion with extra glue if desired. Safeguarded by a resilient epoxy layer on the front, not only does it provide protection, but also showcases our stunning dispenser artwork.
Dimensions: 35mm x 35mm
Back end technology
Our NFCs offer remote accessibility, empowering us to swiftly modify, adjust, or update any aspect, whether it's altering the POAP or assigning a new URL to the dispenser. These changes can be executed within seconds, regardless of our location on the globe.
This is an example of one of our community members placing a POAP in Denver, Colorado. We invited all attendees of ETH Denver to hunt down the POAP.
Supporting artist
Dispenser Design Competition

In late 2023, we hosted a community art competition to create designs for our POAP dispensers. The exceptionally skilled artist behind these stunning dispensers is Acidlazzer. Acidlazzer is a visual artist specializing in the musical area for artists from Mexico and the Latin American scene. At the same time, he has worked as a graphic designer and project manager for multiple Web3 organizations, such as Token Engineering Commons, 1Hive TV and Agave, as well as currently being the Lead Designer at Ethereum Mexico, Espacio Cripto and LaDAO

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Additional notes
Important Information

Kindly be aware that this dispenser is intended for personal use exclusively. For business purposes, please consult our commercial policy available here. Additional details regarding placement and maintenance policies are accessible here. We strongly advise reviewing these policies before acquiring a POAP dispenser.