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Build your travel story by collecting digital souvenirs as you explore the world.
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Claim existing digital souvenirs left by others at the places you visit, or pioneer a new spot and craft your very own for others to collect and add to their collections.
Embark on thrilling exploration challenges and climb the ranks on our leaderboard.
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Claim and own your own spot on our map! Earn recognition on our map at each location where you place a digital collectible.
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Digital Collectible
You've visited the Eiffel Tower
Steve McFadyen
Owned since March 2024
160 visitors
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Chat and connect with fellow adventurers who share a POAP!
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Travel and collect to compete against other adventurers in our challenges.
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Treasure Hunts
ETH Denver Treasure Hunt
Winner: 0x7f4f269953eef504732ec8ab24b1b6daed6885ae
NFT NYC Treasure Hunt
Winner: portablecharger.eth
Reflect on your Memories
A place to keep track of all your digital collectibles and the unique places where you've explored.

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