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Where blockchain meets travel
Own physical locations.
Build your travel story with digital collectibles as you explore the world.
Discover, Create and Collect
Claim existing digital collectibles left by others at the places you visit, or pioneer a new spot and craft your very own for others to add to their collections.
Embark on thrilling exploration challenges and climb the ranks on our leaderboard.
Claim your area
Claim and own your own spot on our map! Earn recognition on our map at each location where you place a digital collectible. Become a Web 3.0 pioneer.
Global Map
Our mission: Get POAPs at every landmark around the world!
What is a POAP?
POAP, or Proof of Attendance Protocol, are digital collectibles and serves as a beautiful keepsake and testament to your travel experiences.

In short. The new way to travel, capture and connect.
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We're launching soon
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Be a web 3  Pioneer
Why place a POAP?
Become the first and only person to mark your chosen landmark with a digital collectible. Every visitor to that landmark will recognize you as the pioneer of that location.
Showcase your forward-thinking approach by leading the way in Web 3.0 with the introduction of the first digital passport for travel with POAPs. All proven on the blockchain as a pioneer.
Social Recongition
Get instant recognition for embracing innovation by setting up a POAP dispenser. Your social media handles will be prominently featured on the dispenser and our POAP Map, inviting others to delve into the story of the bold explorer behind it and even follow their footsteps! And remember, this legacy will endure for generations to come on the blockchain.
Connect and Compete
Embark on thrilling exploration challenges and climb the ranks on our leaderboard.
“Not all those who wander are lost.”
J.R.R. Tolkien
See who's visited your landmark
Recent challenges
Challenge Down Under
Collect all 3 Australian POAPs to be in the raffle to win $800USDC
Eth Denver Hunt
Collect the hidden Eth Denver POAP to be in the raffle to win $500USDC
Winner: 0x7f4f269953eef504732ec8ab24b1b6daed6885ae
Collect the hidden Eth Denver POAP to be in the raffle to win $200USDC
Winner: portablecharger.eth
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Chat Room
Join our POAP gated chat rooms where fellow adventurers gather. Connect with those who share your POAP, create plans for exciting trips, and embark on journeys to explore the world together. Become part of a vibrant community of adventurers united by their passion for POAP exploration and discovery.
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Share Memories
Capture and immortalize meaningful moments by uploading photos and videos to your POAP collection. Dive into the public photo album to explore the memories of fellow adventurers who have visited the same landmarks. Embark on a visual journey through shared experiences, discovering the beauty and wonder of the world through the lens of fellow explorers.
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