Branded Frames

Branded Frame Guide


Join us as a Partnered Community (PC) and take community engagement to new heights with branded POAPs tailored just for you, plus all the perks that come along with being a PC.

Branded POAPs

Craft a unique frame for any adventure to apply to their POAP. The artwork that is submitted for a particular landmark can have your branded frame bordering the artwork. Encourage members of your community to place a POAP with your branded frame, and in return, watch as your brand proliferates across POAPs worldwide, spreading your message far and wide.


You can gamify your community and encourage community moral by banding together to place as many branded dispensers as possible. Compete against other communities on our platform!


Get analytics on how your dispenser is going and the places your community is placing them. With a branded POAP, you can track engagements, verify attendance, and collect data that can help improve future community interactions.

Global Reach

Achieve global on-boarding to your brand to anyone that collects a POAP. These POAPs will have branded frames, replacing our generic ones with your community’s logo or style.

Contact our team to setup your branded frame.